T-Bone (lizardk21) wrote,

E**N smells like crap

Yesterday was great me dan and phill went to the mall to pick up some hotties it was quite successfull. Then we went to the calfiornia pizza kitchen to get some pizzas and bruskies. after that dave wanted me and phill to go clubbing with him but instead me and phill wanted to get drunk at headquaters. So we got some fourties and rented dazed and confused. Phill bounced at around 11 to meet dave at the club so then we picked up bill and sat it was fun hanging out with sat i havent chilled with him in a while. Today i got work at la violets my goal is to make 20 dollars so then ill have 240 plus my fourty ill be getting tommrow 280 ten my twenty ill be getting on frieday there fore i will have 300 dollars and when i get my paccheck fornext week it will be 535 dollars not bad at all. PS have u ever met someone that totally repulsed u just by the site well this girl from wantaugh who smells like shit is that person i think a dogs ass is more pleasant to look at then she is. she has to get her eyes uncrossed. I wish i could see this scank dirtbag one more time in person just so i call ball her out crackhouse style humiliate her oh i forgot to mention she smells like urine. i cant write her name in this entry cause she would most likly report me being that she is a rat that she is her name starts with an E and ends with N lets see if u people can figure it out . I gotta showers and get ready for work
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