T-Bone (lizardk21) wrote,

Before I take a dump

I must say its good to be back in the LJ communitie i knew I would find my way back some how. Well this semster at Oneonta was amazing even though i got put on probation cause my fat ass western civ Teacher fucked me over but im talking to her next semster and hopefully getting that removed Well these last few days have been chill. WEnsday night I drank a fourty at head quaters. then me and phill went to this girls house in merrick it was chill. The east meadow girls called me out of knoew where. I Think she wanted my cock cause i was piss drunk. Im prolly hanging out with her tonight. Thursday i was supposed to go tothis club with dave dan and phill my mom told me i had to stay in cause i had family friends comming so i called dave like at 7 and told him i couldnt go. So then dan and him were still supposed to go come 800 dan became to much of a pussy and dint want to drive out to syosset by himself and cancelled on dave at the last minute to make a long stori short phill ended up going with dave. The part that im pissed about is that me and phill both picked up and dropped off dan about a million times he never drives anywhere then the first time he does drive hes like oh can u guys find away to my house cause its to far to pick u guys up. In my opinion I think thats a whole lot of bs have fun walkin this summer cause theres no way ur getting in the honda or the Daves BMW. To end i miss all of my school friends cant wait to see ya on the 4th were gonna go on a lot of rides if u knwo what i mean
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