T-Bone (lizardk21) wrote,

Hello Fellow Journal REaders

Im having a pretty boring day. Although i did get a ride to school today which is much better than taking the "T" . I hate that fucking T. Last weekend i went to Hillary Scotts (the problem) birthday party at Ben Arensens house. I really like both of them theyre really cool and nice. I got wasted that whole night and talked to Hillarys friend Jeane. Shes really cool and really cute and really wanna hang out with her more but i was so drunk i forgot to get her #. Also she might still have a boyfriend but I dont care about that. Boyfriends dont scare me, circus clowns do however. Oh and carnie's. So my plan is to not pussy out and to go for it. Tim and Bill met her when they came to Boston. My old roomate Evan for anyone who remembers him is coming to Boston in late May and it will be really cool to see him. And old roomate Mike(mullet) Whoever remembers him is jizzing his pants over the Celtics in the playoffs. He needs to calm down or else that mullet will fly right off his head.
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