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T-Bone's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in T-Bone's LiveJournal:

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Thursday, July 24th, 2003
2:49 pm
Friday, May 30th, 2003
9:13 am
E**N smells like crap
Yesterday was great me dan and phill went to the mall to pick up some hotties it was quite successfull. Then we went to the calfiornia pizza kitchen to get some pizzas and bruskies. after that dave wanted me and phill to go clubbing with him but instead me and phill wanted to get drunk at headquaters. So we got some fourties and rented dazed and confused. Phill bounced at around 11 to meet dave at the club so then we picked up bill and sat it was fun hanging out with sat i havent chilled with him in a while. Today i got work at la violets my goal is to make 20 dollars so then ill have 240 plus my fourty ill be getting tommrow 280 ten my twenty ill be getting on frieday there fore i will have 300 dollars and when i get my paccheck fornext week it will be 535 dollars not bad at all. PS have u ever met someone that totally repulsed u just by the site well this girl from wantaugh who smells like shit is that person i think a dogs ass is more pleasant to look at then she is. she has to get her eyes uncrossed. I wish i could see this scank dirtbag one more time in person just so i call ball her out crackhouse style humiliate her oh i forgot to mention she smells like urine. i cant write her name in this entry cause she would most likly report me being that she is a rat that she is her name starts with an E and ends with N lets see if u people can figure it out . I gotta showers and get ready for work
Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
4:18 pm
Making money for school its gonna be a great semster. someone in wantaugh smells
Saturday, May 24th, 2003
10:02 pm
its amazing i went from having 0 dollars in my pocket this mourning to having now 300 dollars almost have way there to my mark. I just wanna go back to school to see a my boys and two girls & its not who u guys would think it is thats it. Long Island girls are so bitchi and immature even when im working at camp this summer i knwo im gonna be liking it there seeing all the hotties but im not gonna do shit with any of them im sick of it here i wanna go back god how many days until august 24. I worked with a kid today who told me he was gonna be a freshman at oneonta He said he dint smoke pot so i said will just have to change that he wouldnt shut up the whole time he just kept on talking.
1:29 am
last night
Last night i drove out to woodbury in my honda civic blasting bone thugs. WHen i got there me and BMW Dave well last night it was Yellow Mustang Dave went to fridays to boose it up and to get some eats. After that we were keep on calling phill and shari debating on our plans for the night. We were supposed to see John ALmighty. Some how after that we picked up daves friend hari and we met fill in the zackeries parking lot to head over to show time. Which is a strip club. Some how i blew the last of the 15 dollars i had within mintues either way that dint matter cause i still had all these strippers tits in my face and asses on my cock. One stripper told me to kiss her ass i thought she said spank her ass so i started to spank it then i thought she said do it harder but what she was really saying Kiss my Ass so i started to kiss it knowing that i cant get any stds. My friend dave was laughing hystrecial cause the bouncer was about to come over and kick my ass for touching her. Even after that i still had strippers running all up and down my cock. Next time me and dave are gonna win the auction and be the stars of the show were gonna go in the ring and wrestle the girls. Im gonna video tape it so all the people at school can see it. Well i gotta get ready to work
Friday, May 23rd, 2003
12:25 pm
Before I take a dump
I must say its good to be back in the LJ communitie i knew I would find my way back some how. Well this semster at Oneonta was amazing even though i got put on probation cause my fat ass western civ Teacher fucked me over but im talking to her next semster and hopefully getting that removed Well these last few days have been chill. WEnsday night I drank a fourty at head quaters. then me and phill went to this girls house in merrick it was chill. The east meadow girls called me out of knoew where. I Think she wanted my cock cause i was piss drunk. Im prolly hanging out with her tonight. Thursday i was supposed to go tothis club with dave dan and phill my mom told me i had to stay in cause i had family friends comming so i called dave like at 7 and told him i couldnt go. So then dan and him were still supposed to go come 800 dan became to much of a pussy and dint want to drive out to syosset by himself and cancelled on dave at the last minute to make a long stori short phill ended up going with dave. The part that im pissed about is that me and phill both picked up and dropped off dan about a million times he never drives anywhere then the first time he does drive hes like oh can u guys find away to my house cause its to far to pick u guys up. In my opinion I think thats a whole lot of bs have fun walkin this summer cause theres no way ur getting in the honda or the Daves BMW. To end i miss all of my school friends cant wait to see ya on the 4th were gonna go on a lot of rides if u knwo what i mean
Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
3:47 pm
3:38 pm
Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
4:53 pm
4:50 pm
i'm gay
Sunday, May 26th, 2002
4:13 pm
So im finally coming home tommorow thank god. I cant wait to chill with everyone and go to BSB i cant wait to see this game room. Im very excited about the jam band this summer. Nobody listen to Sat saying that its not going to happen. Hes just jealous hes not in the band. So get ready Josh, Seth, Bill and well get in touch with Marissa and Churgy which will be no problem. Were gonna have some trippy jams in my basement. My parents wont know what the fuck is goin on. Then theyll probably snap and kick me out of the house. Anyway im glad i stayed these past couple of days because they had a free show yesterday here in Boston with They Might be Giants, Suzanne Vega, and Patti Smith. TMBG were so hilarious i loved em. SV had a really good voice and cool songs. I didnt really like PS songs too much but she was definitly a character. Before she even started she called a photographer a bitch. It was awesome. Shes fucking crazy. Anyway im leavin early tomm . Really fucking early to miss any traffic. Peace.
Saturday, May 18th, 2002
2:48 pm
What You gonna do when you get outa jail, Im gonna have some sex.
I got wasted last night off of skunk beer. It was tremont winter ale and a case cost 10 bucks. Thats a fucking case! Thats fucking 30 beers! Thats funking 10 bucks! Any way i spent the night at my friends house drinking and he had the house to himself and one of his roomates who is okay. Hes kind of a dick so i didnt mind doing it. But he works for sony and gets a ton of free cds so I took a few of em. I snagged Phil and friends, X-ecutioners to satisfy the black in me, and this jazz cd. I love free shit. And i hate people who get free shit. Money for nothing, cds for free biatch!!! Ill be back on gilligans island thursday. Pzeace!!!
Thursday, May 9th, 2002
11:16 am
Beh!!! So tommorow is my last final thank god i was about to go ape shit and either kill all my teachers, or dissapear and become a monk so i wouldnt have to deal with this sheeite. I bombed my proficiency but it wasnt my fault because my teache i guess forgot to mention things i had to play for it. And plus one of the judges was a complete dick. I wanted to call him a cocksucking cunt rag but i restrained myself. He deserved it though. The other judge saw i was getting nervous and heated and he said "dont worry were all friends here" I wanted to say "Im not friends with that fuck face" I also wanted to threaten him and tell him he deserves a punch in the mouth. I like living my fantasies through live journal.

Current Mood: angry
Thursday, May 2nd, 2002
1:38 pm
Well I feel great today finally. Ive been feeling shitty for the past 2 weeks and i had a great lesson this morning which hasnt happened in awhile so thats pretty cool. Also this Saturday is my bday and it happens to fall on a passing of the bong ceremony. You see a friend of mine(Jed) is graduating and hes going back home and he cant take it back home so hes entrusting us with it. Our plan is to smoke a ton of weed. Im turning 20 and in retrospect looking back at my teen years i realize the reason they sucked is because L.I. sucks. Id have to say that a steady 90% of people there suck, maybe more. Therefore id like to thank some of my friends. Josh thanks for being such into weird shit and also for letting me toss your salad. Tim thanks for always knowing about cool shows and letting me suck your dick, Bill thanks for the mushroom help and for letting me rail your ass until it bled. Sat thanks for being the racial minority and for swallowing my come. Seth thanks for being my only friend in NFC and for that we used double dildos and smacked our asses together. And Kreuzer for ur computer help and the threesome that we had with your dad. I love u guys. Later.

Current Mood: sexy
Friday, April 26th, 2002
11:47 am
I saw Frailty a couple of nights ago. That was a scary fucking movie. If you want to get freaked out see that movie. Steven King called it the next Shining. Boy was he off. It was nowhere close to as good as the shining. Bill Paxton directed it for christ sake. Last night i got wasted and had the spins as I was going to sleep. This morning I felt a little hungover but as Feldman would say "I took a shit and masterbfarted " and now everthings alright. Right now im listening to Keith Jarret moan and yelp while he plays the piano. Peace.
Thursday, April 25th, 2002
1:51 am
I just bought a bunch of cds for my bday. I got the new MMW and im listening to it now and its awesome. I also got the new Soulive and i was gonna get Stanton Moores new cd with karl denson but instead i got a Keith Jarret cd. I think someone can burn me the STanton Moore cd. Bill your a good man for not going to bonaroo. Dont let Tim upset you with his Why Nots. I mean some of us have lives. And some of us are being run by the jam band scene. Well i hate the scene. Nobody likes me in the scene. Im starting a new scene and the first band involved in the scene is the summer funk band with me bill and seth.
Wednesday, April 24th, 2002
4:48 pm
Hello Fellow Journal REaders
Im having a pretty boring day. Although i did get a ride to school today which is much better than taking the "T" . I hate that fucking T. Last weekend i went to Hillary Scotts (the problem) birthday party at Ben Arensens house. I really like both of them theyre really cool and nice. I got wasted that whole night and talked to Hillarys friend Jeane. Shes really cool and really cute and really wanna hang out with her more but i was so drunk i forgot to get her #. Also she might still have a boyfriend but I dont care about that. Boyfriends dont scare me, circus clowns do however. Oh and carnie's. So my plan is to not pussy out and to go for it. Tim and Bill met her when they came to Boston. My old roomate Evan for anyone who remembers him is coming to Boston in late May and it will be really cool to see him. And old roomate Mike(mullet) Whoever remembers him is jizzing his pants over the Celtics in the playoffs. He needs to calm down or else that mullet will fly right off his head.
Sunday, April 21st, 2002
1:02 pm
DJ Shadow gave a talk at my school last friday and it was awesome. I wanna get his new cd. He talked about mpc s and all the shit he uses. And what suprised me as well was that he was white. I didnt expect that to be the case. Cause usually whities ho do hip hop suck. What do u think.
12:56 pm
Imitation Fledman Journal
So this moringin i woke up tand took a huge shitt. It wasf the biggest beer shit ive takin in months. I couldnt go to the gyms today because mya anus was so swollen from the shit. I asked athis girl in my math class if she spit or swallleowd and she toldk me to fuck off and i said beh. Im gonna go masterbaiete in a little bits. BEH
Thursday, April 18th, 2002
12:46 pm
Ive got to get more into the live journal neighborhood. None of the hot chicks of live journal reply to my entries like ambeelove or rubixpube or that girl in the jacuzzi who i fantasize about. If your out there respond to this journal please. Hey Josh can you tell these girls to put me on their friends list. Theyll listen to you because they love you even though they just know you from the computer. I know the real you and i love you Josh and even if that makes me gay i dont care. I Love You.
P.S. Snoochie Moochies
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