T-Bone (lizardk21) wrote,

last night

Last night i drove out to woodbury in my honda civic blasting bone thugs. WHen i got there me and BMW Dave well last night it was Yellow Mustang Dave went to fridays to boose it up and to get some eats. After that we were keep on calling phill and shari debating on our plans for the night. We were supposed to see John ALmighty. Some how after that we picked up daves friend hari and we met fill in the zackeries parking lot to head over to show time. Which is a strip club. Some how i blew the last of the 15 dollars i had within mintues either way that dint matter cause i still had all these strippers tits in my face and asses on my cock. One stripper told me to kiss her ass i thought she said spank her ass so i started to spank it then i thought she said do it harder but what she was really saying Kiss my Ass so i started to kiss it knowing that i cant get any stds. My friend dave was laughing hystrecial cause the bouncer was about to come over and kick my ass for touching her. Even after that i still had strippers running all up and down my cock. Next time me and dave are gonna win the auction and be the stars of the show were gonna go in the ring and wrestle the girls. Im gonna video tape it so all the people at school can see it. Well i gotta get ready to work
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