T-Bone (lizardk21) wrote,

What You gonna do when you get outa jail, Im gonna have some sex.

I got wasted last night off of skunk beer. It was tremont winter ale and a case cost 10 bucks. Thats a fucking case! Thats fucking 30 beers! Thats funking 10 bucks! Any way i spent the night at my friends house drinking and he had the house to himself and one of his roomates who is okay. Hes kind of a dick so i didnt mind doing it. But he works for sony and gets a ton of free cds so I took a few of em. I snagged Phil and friends, X-ecutioners to satisfy the black in me, and this jazz cd. I love free shit. And i hate people who get free shit. Money for nothing, cds for free biatch!!! Ill be back on gilligans island thursday. Pzeace!!!
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